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Consulting QT's Logo
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We do this work with an understanding that the struggle for liberation between intersecting social classes, defines the socio-economic relations under our current political battleground.

Our Values


We move at the speed of trust. Meaning, that we aim to nurture and build trust in each other's work, responsibilities, and commitments.

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We want to ensure that our work is intentional. Meaning that we are building a relationship with our partners that can be lasting and effective.

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We will not give up on each other. We will show up whole heartedly for the work we commit to even when it gets tough. We do this work for our collective growth.

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Burnout is not a badge of honor. We value ample time and spaciousness to develop work. We will ensure that we offer ample and realistic timeframes that ensure all of our wellbeing.

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We value clear, honest, and consistent communication, especially communication through disagreement.

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