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Consulting QT's Logo
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Consulting QTs is  a collaborative strengthening leadership, building advocacy skills, and shifting culture from a queer and trans lens.

Collaborative of Skills, Tools, & Magic








Who are we?
Michae and Yessica in black stylish outfits sitting back to back

Consulting QTs was founded in 2021 to create a hub of queer and trans consultants who offer a variety of skills, tools, and magic. QTPoC have offered so much to cultural shifts, movement spaces, and collective liberation, and very often erased, forgotten, or unfairly compensated, if at all. After years of working collectively in community spaces, Michaé and Yessica moved to create a platform to manage consulting requests and to offer opportunities to other QT folks who have the skills but do not always have access to the opportunities. Together they bring a decade of experience in youth development, grassroots organizing, project management, policy advocacy, and digital strategy.


Collectively, they have a proven track record of success from winning local, state, and national advocacy campaigns, to building platforms and expanding the reach of organizations, to creating workplace cultures that truly support QTPOC.

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